A play structure is a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of material, such as metal pipe or rope, on which children can climb, hang, or sit. These are generally not very good places to set up base. Almost every single elementary school has at least one on their grounds, however it is not recommended to go for these ones as a school may be overrun by zombies. However if you were to dismantle it, you would have more resources on your hand, this will however cost you a base, unless it was in the backyard of a house that owned one.
Play Structure


Block off the stairs and be sure to have only one ladder. If there is a zipline you should block off the larger part and just use the part where you can climb up/down the smaller zip-line connected part. If you really want to, you may even build multiple more levels onto your play structure fort.

Advantages Edit

  • Can be manageable and easy to find.
  • Some jungle gyms can also already be built like a castle.
  • Can be dismantled if you are looking for materials for other things.
  • If it is near your base it can be used as an outpost, so long as you have communication equipment.
  • Some are larger then others.
  • Many obstacles such as ladders and slides to slow Zombies.
  • Usually many escape routes if an invasion should happen.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Hard to barricade without the proper tools.
  • The school could be overrun with the undead or already owned by survivors.
  • Some are smaller than others.
  • Provides little shelter
  • If it is modified to be more fortified, bandits will know that someone is using it as a base.

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