Project Cherry Blossom was an operation by the Japanese paramilitary, ultranationalist force Black Dragon (Kyūjitai; 黑龍會; Shinjitai: 黒龍会kokuryūkai) under the direct watch of the Japanese military.The this operation was to train and breed zombies into an army.

In 1944, when a platoon of forty zombies were reanimated, Black Dragon operatives attempted to train them; this met with failure. Bites turned ten of sixteen instructers into zombies leaving Black Dragon with a force of now fifty zombies to attack the British, Americans and Chinese Guerrillas.

2 attempts were to parachute the zombies in behind American lines. In both attempts the planes with the zombies on board were hit by flak fire and burned up before even hitting the ground.

Another attempt was a beach landing in which (estimated) 10 zombies would be released from a submarine and make their way to the shore. Radio recordings show us that somehow the zombies in the sub managed to get free from their chamber and assault the crew of the submarine. On top of this, the sub was picked up by Allied forces and sunk.

The 4th, and final attempt was to parachute the zombies into China. Though the parachuting was a success, the Chinese forces (trained to shoot for the head) opened fire on the zombies thinking them to be Japanese troops. Little did they know at the time that if it were not for their training in headshot China would in all likelihood have been over run in a Class 3 zombie outbreak.

The Chinese managed to capture on the zombies and upon finding it to be a zombie, they took it to a secret military lab to conduct experiments. Though no one knows what happened to zombie or the men who found them, stories report all the men who saw the zombies were either put in re-eductation centers, or executed for "treason".

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