Radio stations are small buildings that musicians, composers, and people who generally want to share something use to broadcast whatever they want, within reason, to their local society or perhaps even internationally.
Radio Station
These will not largely benefit any survivor who chooses to use a radio station as a base, other than the potential to broadcast messages if the proper equipment is still working and there is enough power to support it. Generally, radio stations should be ignored or looted for whatever it may have, even though they don't have much.


  • Survivors may be able to broadcast to the local area about certain plans or warnings.
  • Radio stations do not have much and are very small, so they will be ignored as a beneficial base that can be raided.


  • Radio stations are not easily defensible because of their lack of effective weapons and barricades.
  • Unless someone knows how to fix and maintain equipment required to use a radio station, they will be a waste of time and may possibly become life-threatening because of this.
  • Enemies may want to use a radio station that someone has already taken to broadcast what they want to say, and they might use deadly force to make sure that it will be theirs.

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