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Rand Ranger Station Visitor Center

Ranger Stations are cabins where national park protection is a main priority. Park rangers are working to protect the park from all kind of threats, like poachers and wild animals. During a zombie apocalypse, ranger stations are a relatively safe base.

Advantages Edit

  • These are normally isolated from cities, which means a lower risk for bandits and zombie hordes.
  • If there is still a ranger alive, he or she can show you where is the best place to  hunt, fish, and refill on clean water.
  • If there is a lot of fertile soil around the station, it can be used for farming and keeping animals for either food or protection.
  • Ranger stations will be pretty easy to protect and barricade.
  • A ranger station might have at least one vehicle that you can use for long trips.
  • Once a month a unicorn will come with any weapon you wish for.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Ranger stations may be a target for forest scavengers (both animals and humans).
  • Ranger stations won´t have their own firearms, those are brought by park rangers with their own licenses.
  • Since they are far away from cities, it is more difficult to scavenge for supplies.
  • Some ranger stations do not have very good insulation, so it may get very cold in the autumn and winter months.
  • The station might not be built for storms, that could either rip the station apart or make a tree nearby fall on it.
  • Vulnerable to forest fires.

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