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In a world dominated by the undead, Refugee Camps could be spread across the world.


Refugee Camps could be made from broken down buildings or abandoned military bases and facilities. Refugee Camps with high chances of surviving should have walls built around and guard towers to take out zombies. Similar to some towns in the game Fallout 3.

During the intial stages of a zombie contagion, government agencies (such as the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA) along with the military may well set up camps in areas relatively free of undead. Ideal locations would be military bases and posts since soldiers can be deployed quickly to secure the perimeter. The drawback is, other than massive military bases, most are small and do not have the infrastructure to hold large numbers of people. Also, contrary to popular belief, many military installations do not have walls or fences of any kind. Only security areas are walled off.

Prisons are also ideal locations since they are very secure, but again, their drawback is their size and lack of infrastructre for large amounts of people. Also, the question arises what to do with the prisoners already contained there.

If a city is relatively zombie free, then that major population center could be a good area for refugees since it already has the infrastructure to support masses of people. The drawback to this is that a huge mass of people would probably attract hordes of zombies, and there would be a timelag before military units could get in a secure areas. This was evidenced in The Walking Dead comic and TV series as the government tried to set up a major refugee center in Atlanta, but was quickly overrun by the zombie horde.

Basic CampsEdit

Similar to Shanty Towns, they are made out of scrap materials and are not always adequately supplied. These are usually made by survivors looking for a place to call home. These are only supplied with what survivors bring with them. Defending them would be the most important job, as they would lack anything beyond small arms and improvised defences.

SImilar to Megaton in Fallout 3 or Junktown of the original Fallout game.

They may have little to no Judicial system.

These can contain...

  • Markets
  • Medical Clinics
  • Armories
  • Common Rooms
  • Jails
  • Gardening Buildings

Government CampsEdit

These are well funded and supplied camps deployed by the military and government to take in people.

They are usually under a military system of law.

Similar to the camps mentioned in the film 28 Weeks Later.

These can contain...

  • Hospitals
  • Markets
  • Homes
  • Military Depots and Armories
  • Grocery Stores
  • Jails
  • Courts
  • Communication Systems
  • Transportation
  • Standard Military and Law Enforcement protection
  • Defensive Wall perimeter--(Which seals off the area from an on coming Zombie attack)
  • A massive fuel reserve
  • One or more independent power grids

NOTE: Government Camps in a modern, non-zombie outbreak, circumstances tend to be overcrowded and become breeding grounds for infectious diseases other than some kind of zombie virus.

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