So, you have built a decent, large base for your group of survivors to live in. It has walls, living quarters, possibly a garden, ect. Now, you want to figure out a good way of getting recources. You could just scavenge for them, but zombies have almost the same resources of a human inside their bodies. Here is one way to harvest most of these resources. NOTE: Only use this strategy if the zombies are infected with a bacteria, virus, or other living thing. Do NOT use this strategy if the infection is caused by pirons, nanobots, ect.

Building the Zombie RefineryEdit

I am calling this a refinery because that is the closest thing to this I can think of to it. Anyways, first dig a steep trench surrounding the base with a makeshift fence at the outer edge so zombies can't surprise them. Then, dig a hole going into a tank with a strong trapdoor that can close that off. The tank should be large enough to hold about the same number of zombies that fall into the trench in about a week, and should have a fairly sturdy trapdoor on top made of chicken wire or other mesh-like material. When you are done, remove the fence as fast as possible. When the tank is almost full, close the outer and then inner trapdoors, fill it with water, and light a fire under it. Make sure to add more water to keep it from boiling dry. After 12-24 hours, send the liquid/ flesh and bone mixture to the refinery section described in the paragraph below. Repeat. {I am fairly sure that boiling for that long will remove the flesh from the bones}

The Refinery SectionEdit

The refinery should have, first and foremost, a syestem of meshes to seperate the large/medium bones, flesh and small bones, and liquid. Nobody wants to do that by hand, and it also saves a large amount of muclepower. Now the 3 raw materials will be refined differently.

Bone RefineryEdit

The bones should first be washed in the water that is coming in to boil the next batch of zombies. Then, the now cleanish bone {Marrow should have gotten seperated with the rest of the flesh}, should be heated to several hundred degrees Celsius for safety, then ground up into bone meal to use as a fertilizer.

Flesh RefineryEdit

The flesh and small bones should be dried and then heated in a low-oxygen enviroment to be turned into charcoal. You can burn the charcoal.

Liquid RefineryEdit

The liquids should be dried untill solid, then converted into charcoal. The charcoal can either be used as a fertilizer, or refined into small amounts of iron, which I have absolutely no idea how to do. {I only know that this may be possible if they are still technically living, because blood contains fairly large amonts of iron.}

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