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1. Always have more living humans with you. The old adage of 'safety in numbers' certainly applies here. When out foraging for food, looking for other survivors, or simply moving from place to place, it's advantageous to have people watching your back. Be aware, however, that large groups of the living will quickly drain your resources, and attract large numbers of the undead.

2. Keep a gun with you at all times. Although guns make a large amount of noise, and will undoubtedly attract roamers, in a last resort, a gun is a quick and easy way to dispatch a zombie. In the event of becoming infected or surrounded, a gun is also the quickest way to exterminate (and least painful) oneself.

3. Try to use as little ammo as possible. In a post-apocalyptic society, it is important to remember that resources are not infinite. When shooting a zombie, use a single bullet to the brain, as opposed to peppering the body with shots.

4. Have a plan on how to quickly evacuate your base. In the event of your base being overcome by the undead, have a swift and easily accessible escape route, and ensure all of your team is trained in this by having regular drills.

5. Use motor vehicles only when necessary. Although motor vehicles are the fastest mode of transport, they create noise, which will attract zombies. Use motor vehicles primarily for transporting supplies, and when traveling great distances. Wherever possible in your locality, use bicycles and foot travel, or ideally, horses. (Horses can also make an alternative food source, should your own supplies run short.)

6. Keep in mind the undead, despite their slow speed and stupid brains, are not to be underestimated and can easily dispatch even the best survivor in a matter of seconds.

7.Think twice before you rock.

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