The SPAS-12 is a dual-mode combat shotgun manufactured by Italian firearms producer Franchi S.p.A. from 1979 to 2000. It was designed as an semi-automatic shotgun, firing standard 12 gauge rounds, but with pump action mode to fire tear gas rounds or other less-lethal rounds. The pump action mode is slower than on traditional pump-action shotguns due to the complicated nature of the changeover system. It should be noted that the earlier production models of the SPAS-12 used a lever-type safety that grew increasingly unreliable as the weapon aged, causing the potential for the weapon to discharge if the safety was worked while a round was loaded in the chamber. The safety was later replaced but many guns still have the lever-type safety. In non-descriptive gun games the SPAS-12 or a gun that looks like the SPAS-12 is called the "combat shotgun".


  • Very powerful at short range
  • Ammo for it is easy to find (12 gauge rounds)
  • Semi automatic fire


  • Hard to find (not used by armed forces or police)
  • Lots of maintenance
  • Like other shotguns, only effective at short ranges.
Spas 12


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