• C. G. Haenel Waffen und Fahrradfabrik
  • Steyr-Daimler-Puch
  • Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
    Size: 94 cm (37 in)
    Weight: 4.6 kg (10 lb)
    Fire Modes:
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Full Automatic
  • Ammunition: 7.92×33mm Kurz
    Feeding System: 10-30 Round Detachable Box Magazine
    Rate of Fire: 550-600 rpm
  • 300 m (Full Automatic)
  • 600 m (Semi-Automatic)
  • Affiliation(s): Germany

    The STG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44 or the Storm Rifle 1944) is the world's first fully functional and manufacturing assault rifle, introduced by 1942. Nazi, Germany came out with this weapon by the early 40s as a means of combating the Allies. Hitler didn't wish this weapon manufactured, instead he wanted submachine guns made instead of rifles, however against his wishes, the Germans manufactured this weapon in secret.

    When Hitler inspected troops on the Russian Front, he was shown the weapon and given a demonstration of it's versatility, which impressed him. Originally under the names like the MP43/MP44, he rebranded the weapon the STG-44 and it was manufactured for three years until the fall of Germany in 1945.


    The STG-44 is a select-fire assault rifle designed for reliability as well as accuracy on the modern battlefield. It was the weapon that introduced weapons like the AK-47 and the M16 onto the modern battlefield due to it's versatility. The only ammunition of this weapon was the 7.92×33mm Kurz which was a shortened variation of the 7.92×57mm Mauser used in the Kar98k, FG-42, Gewehr 43, MG-34, MG-42, etc.

    The ammunition was shorter and fit into magazines of up to 30 rounds, however some later models like the STG-45 used a newer 10 round magazine. This allowed the use the carry more rounds into combat with them. The STG-44 utilized a standard iron sight with rear v notch and front hooded post adjustable sights, but could also use a ZF-4 telescopic sight. The STG-44 was also the first to introduce the usage of an infra-red night vision scope called the ZG 1229 or better known as the "Vampir", however compared to modern day night vision, this device is very bulky on the weapon.

    The STG-44 has seen combat throughout the 20th century and even as recent in the conflicts in the Middle East. There is also a semi-automatic version for civilian use chambered in the smaller .22 LR cartridge.


    • The STG-44 is very accurate in terms of semi-automatic fire. It's also good in terms of mobility.
    • The rifle's handling is very good and has not much recoil.


    • The 7.92mm Kurz ammo isn't a standard issued round used by NATO and therefore ammo may become harder to come across. If that's the case, the best alternative would be a different rifle or a STG-44 variation chambered in the .22 Long Rifle.

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