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Secret rooms are a very poor place to survive in, depending on how it was made. If has a heavy door that is hidden from view, it may be a slightly more viable option, because zombies will have a difficult time get through and bandits will have a very difficult time finding the room. If a secret room is like a compartment, or a reservable bookshelf, it is a bad place to set up a safe house since those entrances are generally not heavy and can be fairly easily broken through. More often than not, secret rooms are also small.


  • The room is hard to find by bandits, so the only thing you really have to worry about is zombies.
  • There is may be only one or two entrances to a secret room, so it's easier to barricade.


  • The room will generally be small.
  • Very,very rarely will you come across a secret room, and chances are you will miss it.

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