Walbrook web

A large sewage system. Keep in mind that not all sewers are this spacious.

RE2 Sewers

A sewer present in Resident Evil 2.

Sewers are tunnels dug underground to transport sewage and waste. They are dark and filthy places so making it a base is not recommended. Also, bear in mind that not all sewers are huge and roomy, as commonly depicted in video games such as Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 2; many are small and cramped.


  • Securing it effectively will be a challenge, but it is possible
  • They are easily found and accessible simply by opening a manhole that covers the entrance
  • They allow movement through the city they are underneath with relative safety from the zombies that stumble above
  • A working filtration system could create plenty of fresh water
  • Large sewers can house a lot of people


  • Sewers are usually pretty dark, despite having a few lights that will most definitely stop working once the power shuts off
  • Sewers are dark, filthy and full of disease
  • Explosive, poisonous methane gas can linger in a sewer because of the large presence of fecal matter and other bodily waste
  • Many sewers are tiny, confined spaces and are difficult to move throughout
  • It has no supplies except maybe some tools that can be looted from a zombified worker
  • They could already be full of zombies from a previous failed recolonization attempt
  • Grates could block some parts of the sewer, making them inaccessible until the proper tools used to remove them are found
  • The lack of light could cause survivors to go crazy 
  • Growing food will be impossible because there is no dirt or sunlight
  • The only option for food is to scavenge which can be very dangerous
  • Lack of food could cause panic
  • Since they are tight spaces melee fighting will be difficult

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