Shanty town

Depression Era shanty town

Shanty towns (also known as Hoovervilles and Squatter settlements) are likely to be very helpful in an apocalyptic scernario because you can often add on to them, because they're made up of probably very common materials in a outbreak like scrap metal, plywood, and plastics. When making a shanty town survivors should take into account:
  • Is the terrain hilly or too far below sea level? If so do not build on these. It would be best to build on a flat plain where you can have a 360 degree view of the landscape.
  • Is the area habited by bandits, infected or already occupied? If so do not build because you probably won't have time to set up.

Keep this in mind and you can have a shanty town set up in no time, usually Shanty towns don't have walls, but in an outbreak scenario you should build walls to keep people out.


  • Can be a great permanent settlement, if defended properly.
  • Materials required are easy to find.
  • Construction is simple.
  • Can add on things very easily like towers or add on to buildings.
  • If you need to move, as stated before you can find the buliding elements easily or just move all the bulidings.


  • If not built properly it's as useful as a jammed gun in a firefight.
  • Not very good at keeping the elements out.
  • They can be taken over easily if not on constant watch.
  • They do not have electricity, sanitation or other things so keep that in mind.
  • These materials aren't very tough so be careful if fighting erupts.

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