Shipping containers are large-sized metal boxes that are usually used for storage and transportation of goods. Shipping containers generally are spacious enough to be used as a safe house. They can usually be found in factories and docks, and sometimes on highways being transported by trucks. Their general unremarkable appearance gives them an advantage as a base.


  • As mentioned above, their overall generic look might cause them to be easily missed by hostile survivors and bandits. Most containers usually are empty, thus bandits looking for supplies might not even bother to look inside them.
  • Containers are designed to be quite durable, as they're made to ensure their content can be safely transported. Containers usually are made from steel, and cannot be easily damaged with melee attack.
  • Containers provides good protection against the weather and other elements.
  • Containers are spacious enough that you can furnish them or stock them up with a lot supply.
  • Containers can be used as a base for one or two survivors.


  • The main disadvantage of shipping containers is the fact that they can only be locked from the outside. If you wish to use them as a base, you have to modify the doors so that it can be locked from the inside.
  • If you live in a place with a hot climate, the shipping containers can get too hot in summer, being very dangerous for humans due to risk of dehydration and/or heat stroke.
  • Older shipping containers tend to be rusty, due to years of use and exposure to salty sea air. Because of the health risk, you should try to find newer container or try to clean up the rust, which might take a lot of time that would be better spent in a more productive manner.
  • Sometimes, if desperate enough, survivors and bandit can still be attracted by containers, as they are usually filled with various goods, ranging from food to weapons.
  • Sometimes zombies will be transported like test subjects over seas and are stuck in the container or someone tricks a group of zombies into going inside with some form of bait and locks the doors. Before you enter listen and see if one (or more) of the living dead is in there.