Skating Rinks depend on what you are referring to, as there are two different types of skating rinks. One for roller blading, or for ice skating. These two may be different kinds of skating rinks there are different advantages for these two for example, a skating rink for roller blading will have a kitchen for cooking, and storing food, and a couple arcade machines, and the rink itself will provide entertainment.
Roller Skating Rink
However there are plenty of downsides for them, as some are simply located outside with no building to surround them, only a fence. Ice rinks do have ice for one to skate on, however it is not recommended to use this ice as a source of water as it is cleaned off by a vehicle known as a Zamboni which cleans, and smoothens the ice therefore preventing it from being a usable water source.

Advantages Edit

  • Skating Rinks will contain some food, but not too much.
  • May be overlooked by bandits, as a skating rink will not seem like a place that contains any valuables.
  • A skating rink will provide entertainment such as a couple arcade machines, or by simply skating on the rink itself.
  • Some skating rinks are larger than others.
  • The blades of ice skates may be used as weapons.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Ice skating rinks will have a ventilation system in the building to prevent the ice from melting, which will cause one to be cold given enough time without anything to keep one warm.
  • If the ice in the ice skating rink were to melt, it is not recommended as a source of water.
  • Some skating rinks will be outside with only a fence to surround it. So do yourself a favor and ignore these.
  • Skating rinks for roller skates will be a wide open area, thereby making escape if surrounded difficult, also in a firefight there will not be too much cover.
  • Skating rinks are sometimes in more populated areas, making them unsafe for survivors.

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