Ski resort

A ski resort is a large area where people can ski or snowboard on different kinds of mountains and hills. They also have a ski lodge where skiers can rest, eat and/or sleep. These places are mostly built on the foot of a mountain, which makes it a cold but perfect base if it has enough resources. Some ski resorts have their own power source, like a wind turbine or solar panels, which could be used to generate electricity, but one must know how to operate them.

Advantages Edit

  • Plenty of food.
  • A power source (not all ski resorts have them).
  • Ski resorts tend to be located in cold, snowy areas. The snow can be melted to make water.
  • Could be close to a small town, where supplies can be scavenged from.
  • Usually found in isolated places. Lower risk of bandits and/or zombie hordes.
  • Some larger ski resorts have an infrimary, for medical supplies.
  • Plenty of fireplaces to warm up the place.

Disadvantages Edit

  • It can get very cold.
  • Large, which makes it harder to keep safe.
  • The power source may have transformers, which need maintenance to work.
  • Low on guns and ammo.
  • Risk of avalanches.
  • Snowstorms.

Trivia Edit

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