The Smith and Wesson Model 500 (Commonly abbrieviated to S&W 500) is a revolver chambered for the .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum, or .500 S&W Magnum. It has been produced since 2003 and is the most powerful production handgun in the world.


Like many other revolvers, the S&W Model 500 is incredibly durable, and its simple design makes its repair a bit easier than semi-automatic handguns. Another advantage this beast of a gun has is its extreme power. It can literally blow off a zombie's head by hitting anywhere on its face. It can also be used to hunt all kinds of North American game, making it good for hunting animals and killing zombies. The S&W Model 500 is generally percieved as very intimidating. Like other revolvers, the gun may keep ammunition in the chambers indefinitely, as there are no springs that wear out like in semi-automatic handguns' box magazines. The design of the Smith and Wesson Model 500 helps lower the recoil, as well as the weight of the firearm, the rubber grips, the foward balance, and a compensater. A scope may be added unlike some semi-automatics because there is no slide or bolt. The range for this gun is also excellent for handguns, being at 200 yards. Because the S&W 500 is a double-action revolver, it cannot "jam" when a person limp wrists it.


Like any other revolver, the revolver chamber can only hold a few rounds at a time; the chamber can only hold 5 rounds. The .500 S&W Magnum rounds must be inserted manually, as there is no magazine. Another problem would be that the ammunition and the gun itself are very rare. The gun is also heavy for a handgun, being 3.5 lbs, which kinda removes the point of having a handgun. The ammunition is also heavy, and carrying too much can wear you down. Recoil is another problem: the gas escaping from the cylinder gap can tear your thumb off if you dont hold it correctly. It is also very loud; the noise will attract other zombies and possibly bandits.

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