A Spa may not contain any weapons, but it has its own valuable supplies, such as a series of hygiene products that can be used to control body odor. There are some drawbacks to holding up in a spa, such as some having one floor, a few large windows, etc. Despite this, if someone can reach a spa before everything is gone, they can sell things commonly found in a spa to anyone looking for some.


  • Spas always have something for body treatment. Regardless of what kind it is, it will help people living there to control their bodily odor.
  • Spas tend to sell conditioners, shampoo, and what not for hygienic purposes, even if the water at the spa is contaminated or otherwise unusable, someone can still take the shampoo, and whatever else is left.
  • Some spas are in less populated areas than others, so it will make surviving much easier.
  • A spa has plenty of things to use as a barricade.


  • Spas usually don't carry food, so people living there will have to search for some elsewhere.
  • Some spas are usually in more populated areas, making them dangerous.
  • Not many spas have much of interest to offer, except for hair care products and other hygiene-related things.
  • They usually have only one floor, making escape during an emergency difficult.

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