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 The spiked baseball bat is a vastly used weapon throught media and games. Although it may seem effective at a glance, a deeper look reveals many flaws. Firstly, hitting an item harder than the bat itself with too much force would break the bat (or at least wear down the nails), making it useless and wasting the resources. The nails may also bend, making it ineffective unless the nails were pried up. In fact, the nails may have a hard time penetrating the skull before bending, which would require the bat's blunt force to do damage, negating the purpose of putting nails through it. In this case you would have to keep fixing them down while they're covered in blood, thus bringing in the possibility of blood borne infection. This simple problem could be fixed by simply getting a metal baseball bat, and instead of actually stabbing the spikes through the bat (Which, by the way, drastically lowers the strength of the bat itself) you could simply add spiked studs onto the sides, making it less lethal while still retaining the overall design of the weapon.

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