The M1903 Springfield is a US made bolt-action rifle first used in World War I.

The M1903 Springfield was developed as a replacement for the earlier Krag Jorgenson Rifle used in the Spanish-American War. The Army decided to base the M1903 off of the Mauser rifle after experience with it in the Spanish-American War after realizing it's superior loading and fire power when compared to the Krag. The M1903 is very similar to the Mauser using the same stripper clip fed, 5 round internal magazine, bolt, and design of the Mauser. The Army also adopted the more powerful .30-06 round in order to replicate the stopping power of the 7.92x57mm Mauser. The M1903 was first deployed in World War I and was an immediate success with the soldiers in the battlefield. The rifle continued to see service in World War II (in the newer designed M1903A3 version), and continued to see service as a specialized sniper rifle in the Vietnam War before it was retired in 1974.

Like it's World War I and World War II contempararies, the M1903 is an excellent anti-zombie rifle, the gun is highly accurate, has a lot of stopping power, a decent range (656 yards or 599.85 meters), and the .30-06 catridge is very common and easy to acquire. However the gun does have it's drawbacks: the 5 round magazine means the rifle needs to be reloaded frequently and the weight of over 8 pounds (3.6287 kilograms) means the rifle can become a fatigue issue.

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