Sports matches and special events call for massive structures called stadiums that were built to seat thousands of people. These structures can be used as a place to hold out. It is very important to clear the entire structure so no zombies are left inside with the survivors.


  • Stadiums have many entrances, but they are built to be very strong, and can funnel zombies through hallways and stairs.
  • The size of the building allows construction of an inner sanctuary in case the other perimeter is breached. The outer perimeter should be heavily secured and able to withstand the force of hundreds of zombies pounding on it.
  • Stadiums are usually surrounded by huge parking lots, so approaching bandits or zombies can be easily spotted.


  • Although large enough to support a small city, stadiums are not stocked with a large amount of food.
  • The soil of the grass pitch may not be very fertile and inadequate for growing crops.
  • Many stadiums now use artificial turf instead of real grass and soil.

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