Supermarket froz food isles

Often a highly-sought after base by amateurs, most modern supermarkets pose a host of problems for would be survivalists. The large glass windows and doors provide next to no protection from the undead or looters, and the sheer size and complexity of large supermarkets can make them extremely difficult to secure and guard. Food supplies would be quickly looted in the early stages of the apocalypse. If at all possible, avoid supermarkets. If a group decides this approach, care must be taken to secure front and back entrances, as well as obtaining weapons for defense. However, a number of supermarkets in southern states seem better suited for fortification, due to smaller, higher (and sometimes hurricane-proofed) windows designed to limit the amount of sunlight streaming in, and only one or two automatic glass doors in easily baricaded places. Also, certain supermarkets may be heavily secured in the back to prevent thieves from pilfering the place, the storage rooms may still have significant amount of supplies as most looters are shortsighted, medication would perhaps be the most difficult to scavenge from as it is often heavily secured.

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