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While many zombie researchers believe that a base is vital for long-term survival of a zombie outbreak, there are respected researchers that hold the exact opposite view; that bases - however formidable - eventually attract too much attention, and become besieged and wither away due to lack of supplies. Others believe nothing built by man is truly impenetrable. A nomadic existance is a choice some survivors will make, and those survivors face very different obstacles than a static defense.


How wanderers survive consist mostly on five things:

  • Scavenging: All survivors will have to find replacements for their consumables at some point. However some wanderers may depend entirely on scavenging.
  • Hunting: Similar to early humans, some groups may survive through hunting animals.
  • Herding: Like many nomadic tribes some people travel with herds of animals, which they live on. Only plausible in the most remote areas of the world.
  • Trading: If a stable base is established, wanderers may trade supplies with them.
  • Raiding: Some wanderers survive on attacking other survivors. These are called bandits.

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