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During the zombie apocalypse, some people may choose to survive alone, while others will survive in a group. Surviving in a group greatly increases the chances of survival because there is more people to protect each other. Some groups are formed during the apocalypse, but others before the apocalypse, which would be a better idea so things will get organised before the apocalypse starts. However, there are also many disadvantages of surviving in a group, for example, there may be less food to go around. 

Factors to Determine the Size of a GroupEdit


The location of this varies, as there are many factors. However, it would form in a place where people are close-knit.

Availability of ResourcesEdit

Depends on the group and its members, with a number of external factors involved as well. The multiple skill set that a group provides does guarantee some food, but it might not be enough.

Presence of ZombiesEdit

Depending on the area you settle in, having a large group may attract a lot of unwanted attention. On the other hand, having too small a group will mean you can`t protect yourselves from an attack.

Hierarchy of NeedsEdit

Social InteractionEdit

Depends on how the group is run. Is it democratic, a cult, etc.? It would be based on the form of leadership, however, some people will get along, and there might be some sort of rivalry, disagreement, etc.

Sense of BelongingEdit

Depends on the group.

Physiological NeedsEdit

Sense of SecurityEdit

Physical RequirementEdit

Depends on the group and its overall needs, like heavy lifting, fighters, etc. There would be a need of being able to do something productive that is not to easy to accomplish. If the group is big, expect high standards. If it's small, expect a need of skills that is hard/rare, like trained in martial arts that could be lethal/very intimidating to Raiders, or maybe just an extra pair of hands.

To Be SortedEdit


  • More people means a higher chance of surviving, as there will be more sets of eyes, hands, and ears.
  • It will be easier to raid or scavenge supplies.
  • People in the group can take watch shifts to keep watch on the perimeter.
  • There may be people with many different skills such as medical skills and cooking skills.


  • There may be food shortages unless there are lots of supplies.
  • There may be fights within the group.
  • It may be hard for the group to move to other places if there are lots of people in the group.

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