The Last Stand 2, or TLS2, is an online zombie survival flash game by Armor Games, the whole point is to get your character (named Jack, although his name isn't mentioned until the next game) to Union City within 40 days to board a boat/helicopter to go to a safe zone to escape the zombies. It is a horizontal shooter and survival game.


At the end of Last Stand, a helicopter is found and they escape, but it crashes and only Jack survives. He hears a radio broadcast announcing the evacuation to Union City will end in 40 days. After 40 days, the refugee boats and helicopters will leave and the mainland will be sealed off.

Jack must reach Union City before this happens, but the path will be fraught with danger: he must gather weapons, other survivors, and supplies, and journey east through infested towns and cities - scavenging during the day, and defending various encampments at night.

If Jack makes it to Union City within 40 days, then in the next game, The Last Stand: Union City, Jack and his band of survivors hide out in the docks of Union City. If he makes it in over 40 days, then Union City is hit by saturation bombing and the storyline skips to the fourth entry in the The Last Stand series, The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Weapons Edit

These are all the weapons available. Where they are found is listed with the weapon.

G17 (Default weapon)

M4A1 (Jonestown)

M249 Minimi (Fort Tran; Armor Games exclusive)

Uzi (Claysburg)

Hunting Rifle (Aspenwood)

Compund Bow (Whistler's Grove)

Shotgun (Whistler's Grove)

Sawn-off shotgun (Aspenwood)

.357 Magnum (Glendale)

RPG-7 (Fort Tran; Armor Games exclusive)

Hand Grenades (Jonestown)

AK-47 (Jonestown

UMP45 (Claysburg)

Chainsaw (Glendale)


  • Jack has diary entries when he enters a new town, unlike the first game, where they are made once per day.
  • More information about this game may be found here.

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