The Rising is an event that occured (in the book The Rising) after a particle accelorator experiment which opened up a portal to a place where the Squissm live called The Void.


The Rising began after a partical accelorator experiment done at a science lab. This began a zombie apocalypse where demons possess the corpses of the dead (Humans, Dogs, Rats ect certera). The zombies are intelligent and have all the memories of the host.

The "Zombies"Edit

The zombies are as smart as a human and it has been known that even the undead animals can talk. The plan for the demons is to exterminate all animal life then another wave of demons would take over plants and animals then after that another wave would burn the Earth thus ending all life. The leader (Ob) did this to "Upset the Creator" and they want to destroy life in other planets.


Jim Thurmond- A construction worker from West Virginia who wanted to rescue his son Danny who was in New Jersey at his mom's house. He rescues him and then the group of survivors looks for a place to live. Fate- Deceased.

Danny- Son of Jim and lives in New Jersey. He is 9 years old and loves comic books and cartoons. Fate-Deceased.

Rev. Thomas Martin- He is an elderly  African American preacher at a church in Sulpher Springs in West Virginia. He helps Jim find Danny. Fate- Deceased.

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