Tree House

A tree house can be quite useful in a zombie apocalypse for a loner if they have enough food and ammunition to survive. However, a tree house can be difficult to locate and are very hard to enter. If one is near your base it can be a useful sniper position. However most tree houses only have a single room, leaving very little space for supplies.


  • The high elevation will give you an advantage if attacked by other survivors.
  • Zombies will have trouble getting inside.
  • Could be a high quality vantage point for locating hostile threats.


  • Do not try to build one as this will take a long time and waste materials that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Usually not much room.
  • Escaping the tree house under most circumstances is extremely difficult.
  • Usually doesn't have good insulation, so you will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. (unless you are near the equator then you will just be hot).
  • They can be very easy to spot, depending on elevation, location and foliage levels.
  • Wood will rot if not properly painted and primed.
  • Wood planks often times offer very little in way of protection from firearms and will ignite with a good spark.
  • The tree supporting the house can topple in high winds. do not use if the tree is showing signs of rot.