What to do if confronted with 1-3 Zeds== If you are only confronted with a small amount of zombies, the overall best tactic is to run and fire. This is remarkably easier to acheive if one is in a group or with a partner. 1-2 people would fire, while the others would flee to a safepoint or simply away from the zombies. More powerful battle rifles, assault rifles, and basic, simple rifles are the best options for this approach. Basic rifles, preferably very simple ones, can be equiped with bayonettes, which can be used to spear the zombie and hold it still, and then acting as an ironsight for when the zombie is blown away by the actual bullet, provided your rifle is powerful enough. Also, an effective rifle should alse be heavy and sturdy; wooden-stocked rifles should be exchanged for rubber/titanium stocked rifles, and a scope on it is a must. Also, overall ranged rifles need a subtancial amount of stopping power, so therefore, basic .40 caliber bullets, to the powerful .70 caliber bullets should be used. Try to get someone with superior upper body strength and stamina to handle one, as the recoil can be absolutely bone-jarring. Also, suppressors should also be equipped for stealth, as well as recoil reasons. Try to buy, however, refles with integrated suppressors, as these need almost no maintenance and are extremely reliable.

What to do if confronted with 4-10 ZedsEdit

It confronted with a larger number of zombies, usually 4-10, the best strategy is to be prepared. Try to have either very powerful guns or many guns with very fast firing rates. Certain .70 caliber rifles can be equiped with semi-automatic magazines, resulting in an incredibly powerful, as well as reasonably fast guns. Assault rifles are also an ideal option, due to their weight, firing rate, and stopping power, which is usually .22 caliber. In this case, accuracy is a must, due to the number of zombies, and therefore guns should have scopes regardless. Famas' are excellent choices, as well as M16's, M4's, or AK variants. A very simple, reliable rifle should be accessible, so that there is but a miniscule jamming ratio when firing. Like always, firing mode should be set to single fire. Also, suppressors are a must.

What to do if confronted with 11-??? ZedsEdit

If confronted with more than 10 zombies, the best strategy is to run. You will likely not be able to kill all the zombies, and will be wasting ammo. When exploring urban areas, be sure to have a vehicle, such as a sports car, due to their speed and efficiency, or a hummer, due to their extreme durability and efficiency. Hummers aren't particularly fast, and should have a lot of firepower incorperated with them, whereas sports cars can be equipped with special traction tires and re-inforced doors, windows, hoods, and bumpers, as well a improved engines for superior speed.

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