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What's the worst that could happen?

While this tactic can be used easily by any number of people, larger groups of survivors can be far more effective at clearing out undead with more complex (and less dangerous) strategies and so this is essentially a small-scale tactic.


The premise for this tactic is very simple.

First: Find a location which is difficult for undead to approach and forces them to adopt a limited number of routes to approach (i.e. a water tower in a town, an alleyway in a village, aisles in a supermarket). Be certain that the numbers you will be engaging are managable.

Second: Once you've chosen your location and found your own way out if things turn bad for you (and if possible a backup escape along with it), you attract the resident undead of the area to your location by making noise, creating a visual display, anything you can think of to get their attention and make them move towards you.

Third: When the horde approaches, use whatever weapons you have to put them out of their rotting misery. For low numbers when zombies will be coming one or two at a time (clearing out a supermarket for instance) it should be enough to use only melee weapons. For larger numbers it's advised to find a way to thin the numbers before they reach you by using guns, bows, or if none of these are available by setting traps.

Be aware that this is not a high-safety tactic and there is always a fair chance no matter how carefully you check out the area that you will end up luring more zombies than you are fairly able to dispose of so at all times be ready to cut and run if things seem to be turning bad. If you're losing ground and not gaining it back in a hurry then hurry up and bounce. Also, and to a lesser degree, be aware that you may well attract more than just zombies; there's few easier marks for a raider gang than someone who's just been through a zombie mob and hasn't had time to rest.

This is not recommended as a tactic for anywhere you intend to remain for a length of time. It is at best a temporary measure and calling the horde will most often have the effect of drawing more undead from surrounding areas; clear the place, grab what you need and get out before the second wave arrives.

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