500x transformersvszombies-1-

1.Keep a dog handy. They can smell the gouls.

2.You are not safe, EVER.


4.Always carry at least two lethal weapons with you.

5.Sleep in tall trees whenever possible.

6.Use your head, cut off theirs.

7.Travel light.

8.Save one bullet.

9.Wear tight clothing and have short hair.

10.Dont be a hero.

11.Only pull the trigger if your ok with every goul within hearing distance knowing where you are.

12.Stay fit.

13.Check the back seat.

14.Drive safe.

15.If you can avoid it, then do.

16.DON'T go anywhere alone.

17.Leave no dout, know your way out.

18.First shot kills, the second gives you peace of mind.

19.Expect the unexpected.


21.Chainsaws look cool but thats all they are good for.

22.Swimming...if you can't see the bottom, you may soon see it.

23.Flamethrowers look cool but thats all they are good for.

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