Plan A:

1: Somehow get to my friend's house

2: Load car with nonperishable food and drinks.

3: Get in car w/pistol and 50 bullets

4: Raid Wal-Mart and Gun Shop in Beaverton

5: When fuel runs out, switch cars

6: Travel the wortld, raiding gun shops and stores while riding seperate cars

Plan B:

1: Ditto

2: Raid Wal-Mart and Gun Stores

3: Return, fortify house

4: Use car to travel to other stores and raid them for supplies for rest of time.

Plan C:

1: Ditto

2: Ditto

3: Make large group of as many as possible

4: Ditto

5: Become nation during aftermath

Plan D (If I'm in Medford, OR)

1: Break into Gun Safe

2: Raid truck

3: Find people to make group

4: Rest is same as Plan A

Plan E

1: Ditto as A

2: Load car with weaponry and refreshments

3; Barricade utility shed at skyridge middle school

4: Raid all walmarts and gun shops in area as time goes on

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