This plan includes the taking and controling of Walmart and Home Depot at veterans street. The Inital plan is to split into three groups, one will go to walmart and one to home depot to secure the buildings and their resources. The third group is to go to gander moutain and Retrive valuable weapons and Survivors then return to the walmart and home depot also referd to as base alpha and place defences and roof bridges to connect them. (Incase of the outer defences failing.) Here we will have enough food, and weaponry to last several months if not years. Also Home Depot has solar panels giving us energy to use with the Walmart to protect our rations from decay.


Code:White - Outer defences are taken damage, Guards report to outter posts.

Code:Gray: - Outer defences are destroyed, all Guards retreat to inter posts. Lock down base doors and barricade. All contructors reinforce defences.

Code:Black - Doors and exits are barricaded, all guards report to roof to eliminate threat. When the threat has been eliminated Contructors will quickly replace outer defences with guards supervising.

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