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To start off, set up your base according to the "armor base" tactics.

Barricade the entrance, using whatever is necessary, to make the wall as heavy and impregnable as possible.

After you have finished your barricading, Lure the horde.

Before going to your vantage/attack point, forewarn intended security force of the location of the horde. If none are coming skip this step

At your vantage point, begin the eliminate proccess. Use short range weapons if you are close enough, attempt to save long range ammunition for another occassion.

Finally, after you have either exhausted your resources, or have eliminated the horde, you can survey your results and tend to casualties.

  • Note this should only be used on small or medium scale epidemics, as if the epidemic is too large it will result in a catastrophic chain swarm that WILL over run even the most well provisioned survivors.*

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