I decided to retract the troll and actually make a userplan. here it is:

What I do depends on some things:

the zombies: an important variable is whether or not the zombies are easily identifiable. Easy identification means safer life, and much more varied activity. I would most likely form a life similar to a country doctors from the formative years of america: housecalls and taking payments in food, tools or ammo.

But if the differences between uninfected and infected were sutble, life would be different. The above outlined plan would be impossible perilous. I would farm, most likely and join or form (probably not) a viable farming community.

Life would also depend on remaining infrastructure. If only 2-10% of the population was infected, food transportation might continue more or less normally, but around 23% infection, in my estimate, would stop the life-bringing eighteen wheelers and cause widespread chaos and starvation. If this ever happened, certainly the kindest thing to do would be euthanize most of the population. However, I doubt that I have the charity or integrity.

But in every case, i will endeavor to retain my mobility by retaining about my person the equipment and supplies needed for travel and daily life:

A Large Blade when i was 14, i got a badge in scouting. In reward from my parents, I recieved a cold steel gurka. I still have it and I still use it and it is very nearly as good as new. I have felled trees with it, split kindling, cut rope, opened cans, made lanterns out of cans, made bows and arrows, hammered and pried. The only thing I have never tried is fighting with it.


a similar knife.

I also value magnesium matches. More durable than matches, longer living than lighters, magnesium matches are my personal favorite, even though they are more work.

I own a small pink bolt action .22 caliber rifle. It is designed as a "my first gun," so it it is very easy to maintain. The caliber allows large amounts of ammo, and the color of the gun makes it less likely to be stolen. I have found it to be accurate, easy to use, and in general, a solid, hardworking firearm. It is soo stupid looking, which makes confinscation or theft less likely.


this gun was 'aimed' at girl shooters, but works very well.


magnesium match

I would carry a wok. A wok provides a good quantity of steel for use in improvised weapons, is a very useful tool in blocking attacks from a knife, is large enough for use as a bucket, shaped correctly for use as a shovel, and is unsurpassed at cooking outdoors quickly with limited fuel.


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