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In the event of a zombie outbreak, they're are many different types of situations that could happen. Here are my plans for each one (I will be updating it with new plans regularly.)

Plan A (George A. Romero Outbreak, Max Brooks, and Robert Kirkman Zombies) The Colony

Step 1. Get to my house (at the time of this I'm in highschool so I'll probably steal one of the school buses) and grab my knife.

Step 2. Pick up my family, including my cousins, aunts, uncles etc. (a lot of my family own firearms, some of which are military grade) in the bus and pull off a convoy type movement.

Step 3. Somehow get to Florida and meet up with a family friend named Kelly (she was in Operation Desert Storm and she knows the area) and secure 2-5 medium boats and get to the Florida Keys.

Step 4. Whatever island we land on, we secure, and set up a base of operations with what supplies we bring and what resources are on the island.

Step 5. Once the island is secure, the zombies dead, and we are organized with ample supplies, start securing nearby islands and after several islands are secure, set up a government.

Step 6. Get in communication with the government. No doubt at least some of the government will survive and try to establish a alliance and MAYBE let them on the island, mainly because the next step will be difficult without them.

Step 7. Start retaking the mainland. This will be hard, and without government help it will be even harder, but not impossible. We will start slow and first take back coastal towns and work are way up. After that, I don't know.

Plan B (Same zombie outbreak scenario) The Nomad.

Step 1. Grab my weapons (My Glock 17, my Cold Steel Baseball Bat, and my Cold Steel Trench Spike) and meet up with my friends Joe and Noah.

Step 2. Obtain an Army Jeep (Rather by finding or stealing one has yet to be decided) with an machine gun mounted to it.

Step 3. Gather as much supplies as we can.

Step 4. Drive around in the Army Jeep killing as many zombies as we can. Joe would be driving since he is the best driver out of all of us, Noah would be on the gun since he has the best accuracy, and I would be in the front seat bashing in heads with my Cold Steel bat.
Zombie Jeep

What Plan B will probably look like (without the prisoners)

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