Beginning of the outbreak and preperationEdit

Before this begins ask yourself something how will the apocalypse happen what will be the cause well i could to hell with the explaining this link right here will explain 5 ways on how an outbreak will begin ( when you read this remember the info you have read most of us might not get past the outbreak like billions did so

Rule#1 Stay where you are when the outbreak begins lets face it when a zombie apocalypse starts and gets out in public panic will start all over the world unless the government's have secured and fortified a city or two unless your city is not secured then stay where you are panic will cause many deaths some will sacrifice themselves to keep their family members safe so stay where you are and barricade all your windows and doors and fill anything in your house that can hold water so that later when sewage finds your water source you will not have to worry about losing water but if you did not get that much water then here are a couple of ways to purify water if you run out or did not store clean water ahead of time



and if you have guns load them up unless they were already loaded with ammo then prepare yourself if your house is big then get some neighbors and bring them and have them bring weapons food and more water so you can last for a while.

Rule#2 Arm yourself when the panic begins to settle down if you already planned ahead and have plenty of guns then arm yourself with two pistols (lets face it when this happens it is your time to be a badass) so you can take down two zombies however ammo will not last forever when you run out you will need to have a melee weapon with you when you run out of ammo you will need to be close to the zombies a crowbar is the best choice since you have hundreds of uses for a crowbar so be prepared for anything.

Rule#3 Vehicles are more than useful in this situation so grab your keys and get ready to flee if there are to many zombies in your area but first grab all weapons food water and other supplies (blanket ziplock bags chocolate bars etc) then get the hell out of the area be sure you have a car build for speed in case you want to run over a few zombies for fun but remember you are risking to jam your car with zombie guts and bones but remember for every zombie that dies we are one step closer to riding this world of this horrible plague and surviving to rebuild our world and restarting life as we know it all over again so if you want find something to go on land sea and air.

Rule#4 Bases are the one of the most important things in a zombie apocalypse so find some survivors if they are in a base that is usefull then join them or if you find survivors have them join you to survive a while and find yourself a base that can be fortified just be sure to check the base for survivors and zombies if there are survivors in the base then recruit them just make sure they have not been bitten yet.


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