Okay. Hey guys. I wanted to write this blogpost to tell you all something. Zombiepedia is a mess. Yeah, we all know it. Here's something you didn't know: Zombiepedia is a great wiki deep down. Yeah, you may or may not see it. But I do. So, here i'm going to write a few stuff about our biggest problems, biggest assets and how to grow as a wiki. Please read this when you get time.



Well, most articles aren't organized at all. Those that are are organized wrong. Categories are an even bigger mess. Compare 2 articles about the same thing and see what I mean.

World War Z

Okay, this really gets on my nerves. WWZ and The Zombie Survival Guide are awesome books, and the zombies in it are much better then others. This isn't World War Z or The Zombie Survival Guide wiki. This is Zombie Wiki. Seriously, almost every article refers to Solanum and no other viruses. Some random articles are only categorized as World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide. Instead of using the things stated in the books as PART of an article, its used AS the article.


Other then some blogs, there isn't anywhere where users interact with each other like contests or events. Also, there isn't anything that rewards hard working users. How about a Featured User thing? I'm working on it.



With enough hard work, organizing, community growth, policy creation, and educating users, we can become a great wiki.

I just wanted to get this out there to the users who think this wiki is down in the dumps and staying there. I'm currently waiting for Philodix to review my admin request, and if he says yes, I promise you all I am going to do everything in my power to grow this wiki.

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