• Captainross

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    So Z-Day happened and you managed to fight your way to safety. You survived the initial onslaught, congratulations are in order.

    Before you pop open the bubbly and pat yourself on the back, you might want to think about locking down your home/shelter/bunker, wherever the hell you wound up.

    There are several things you should consider:

    - Early warning devices

    - Perimeter defenses

    - Home fortifications

    - Escape routes

    Chances are you won’t have time to run to the nearest Home Depot to pick up tools, cinder blocks, fencing, sheet metal etc, once those ZEDs start eating the shit out of everyone. But, if you CAN get to one, you’ll be getting better deals than a Jew on Black F…

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  • Captainross

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    You love your spouse. That goes without question.

    The REAL question here is this:

    What is love really worth when your significant other is trying to eat your tasty ass?

    Take this scenario…

    You just took out a hoard of undead with your AR-15 who were trying to make a meal out of you and wifey. They were dispatched with extreme prejudice, all head shots naturally. The only issue now? Some stupid “walker” just nibbled on your main squeeze.

    Love is great, love is grand, but your instincts should immediately kick into survival mode in this kind of situation. And unfortunately, love MUST take a back seat.

    This scenario has been done over and over in cou…

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  • Captainross

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    They’re gross, slimy, and stink like a mix of hot garbage and burnt pubes. No, it’s not Kim Kardashian’s bleached butt-hole (close though), it’s decaying zombie flesh. It doesn’t take a brain doctor to realize that these bastards are going to stink worse than a Meagan Fox movie.

    The Dilemma:

    After a long night of playing your favorite zombie game, drinking beers and shooting zombies, you wake up to find your front lawn now littered with about 40 corpses. (Disclaimer, DO NOT drink and play with guns).

    The Solution:

    The Sioux Indians believed in utilizing all of the buffalo after a hunt and we feel you should follow Sioux here (lol). Just instead of delicious steaks an…

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  • Captainross

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    “What’s the point of surviving unless you have some hot babes with you?”

    Billy Walsh is a crack shot and I wouldn’t want anyone else next to me if I was in a fire fight. But IF it was just the two of us left on planet earth, and I had to hear Billy scream “In YO face!” after every headshot he racked up… I might just have to kill myself.

    The point is… Captain Ross needs his babes.

    Here at iSTZ we write about survival tactics, how-to’s, weapons reviews, etc. But in doing so we are really only covering one half of the survival equation.

    In order to survive any disaster you need two things:

    1. Skills

    2. A reason to live – AKA babes

    Lucky for you, Captain Ross and Billy Walsh posse…

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