I would really like to know what the members of this wiki have done to prepare. Feel free to share your plans and discuss your ideas.

I've created checklists for equipment and medical supplies, and I've begun passing them out to anyone who will accept them. I've been exercising and stretching every day, and I've signed up for P.E. every semester for that past 3 years. I've talked with my friends about the subject, and all of them have begun preparing. Two of my friend's families collect firearms; one friend is a skilled marksman and outdoorsman, and the other is a recreational shooter and martial artist. All three of us were Boy Scouts. We have all begun gathering non-perishable food, bottled water, medical supplies, and miscellaneous survival equipment. We are currently mapping buildings that we could scavenge for supplies, creating rules for gathering supplies, and planning where we will hole up for an extended siege. We have plans for class 1 and 2 outbreaks, and we’ve mapped escape routes, rendezvous points, supply caches, and defensive locations. We’ve also developed a code made up of symbols that we will mark on the outside of scavenged buildings; the symbols tell us what’s inside the building, and how much of it there is without being very obvious to anyone but us.

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