aka John

  • I live in Kansas
  • My occupation is Architect
  • I am Male
  • DJDavis

    a horse? a plane? chopper? armored truck?

    tell me in the comments what kind of vehicle you would kill zombies in. I mean tell me everythin about it. color, what type it would be, all attatchments, what's inside it, and if you would have any mates with you.

    mine would be:

    a deplyment shnook, painted navy blue, with bulletproof and rocket resistant plating, also with shielded solar plates on the top to essentially allow you to fly as long as you want! also, Two of the doors on each side would be open and have minigun emplacements complete with loads of ammo in the ceiling wired to it. Also in the cockpit would be cupholders--you cant do without them :P and some bunk hammocks in the main stretch. In the back of course would be the restroom and m…

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