Unique Zombie Weapons

This blog is for some of the unique anti-zombie weapons that I've seen over the years. I am not taking credit for any of these nor did I create the plans for them, I am simply showcasing them on this blog.


  • Baseball bat table: A baseball bat & shield that can be attached to eachother to form a table.
    Apache Revolver

    The Apache Revolver

  • Chainsaw katana: Combines the motor driven power of a chainsaw with the blade design and holdability of a katana.
  • Triple barrel revolver: This type of revolver has 3 barrels & 18 bullet chambers. It fires 3 bullets at a time, technically working kind of like a handheld shotgun.
  • Apache revolver: This gun has a knife blade under its barrel & a nuckle duster for a foldable handle.

    The Lobotomizer

  • Slingshot zombiehammer: Created by JorgeSprave, this weapon has a standard slingshot on 1 side & a mace paired with a giant spike on the other side. The mace side also has a skull ejector to keep the spike from getting stuck in a zombie's skull.
  • Zombie Attack Bat: Created by Kipkay, this baseball bat has a
    Chain Link Axe

    The chain link axe

    sawblade & 4 galvinized nails imbedded into the attacking side. The handle is hollow & has a removable end knob for storing items inside.
  • Lobotomizer: This shovel has 2 axe blades just underneath the spade
  • Firearm-mounted axe head: These bayonetes have axe blades instead of knife blades.
  • Chain link axe: This axe has a chain for a handle. The links are individually welded in place so that the chain can function like a real axe handle. The chain has a knuckle duster attacked to the other end & the dull side of the axe head has a trio of spikes attached to it.
  • Brain Saw: Made by Zombie Hammer, this melee weapons consists of a chainsaw-like blade & a brass knuckle-like handle with spikes on it.
  • Trucker's friend: Made by Gys Van Beek, this cast-alloy steel tool has a spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, lever and curved axe blade all on one side. It also has a fiberglass, shock absorbing handle for easy handling.
  • Crovel Tactical: This shovel has a saw-tooth edge and a bottle opener on the foldable spade & a threaded hollow steel handle with a fitting that you can stick a Crovel spike to. This shovel has an updated version called the Crovel Extreme that comes with a heavy duty base which functions as a hammer & has a claw for prying things.

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