aka Keaton "EzzY"

  • I live in Sudbury Ontario
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male
  • EzzyMan


    Through time in this world we all know a famous Dictator from any type of region, mainly a 3rd world region, but they are ruled by one person. Its a from of a government, a nasty one, but during a survival state the sick will rule and weak wull follow out of fear, here is an example "Walking Dead" or "Book of Eli", these are famous show's, some like it and some don't. 

    In a disater many will follow or form a group this is where governace come's in with leaders, rulers, enforement, ect., this will create different type's of governace in a apocalypse disater. This will create fear in the people of loosing it all, or not having a safe haven, you have to avoid this. Dictators are smart, they will trick your thoughts into believe it…

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  • EzzyMan

    Basic Survial Kit or "Beans & Bullets" 


    Some of the thing's we pass by or throw away are pretty usefull in survival, plastic containers, reusable bottle's, cloth, items that can be turned into anything useful. We tend to take things for granted on what's availble to us, by throwing in the garbage. Through this, I've learned this Army Cadet programing during summer, winter, spring and fall courses, one thing I can tell you is "the mind set" will mess you over in the long run. Cause it's all fun and game's till your buddy try eating your leg's during a camping trip. I will drop down some idea's on the mind as well, through this writing & having a good mind set will achieve your surival goals. This is just to touch base's on other…

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