• Harkat

    armoured train

    April 4, 2013 by Harkat

    name a train its method of locomotion eg diesel how many cars it will have and what weapons will be on or in it (note if it had mounted guns they will stay the same so choose wisely)

    i would have a modified hurban armoured train it has:

    11 ZB-53 machine guns chambered in 7.92 mauser

    4 37mm guns in tank turret cars

    and an 8cm vz17 field gun in a cannon car

    i would also have hospital carts 

    the portable equipment of the machine gunners would be 

    a pps-43 very fast flying round and has very good penetration 

    a tokarev tt-33 for compatibility of amunition 

    and a crovel in combat its a axe spear hamer and a pick

    the equipment of the standard guards would be

    a g43 with a 4x mag scope good accuracy rof and range

    a OTS-14 groza 1 chabered in 7.62x39 

    a tokarev…

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  • Harkat

    Even older guns

    February 2, 2013 by Harkat

    rules are it has to have been made in or before the 19th century

    1.a mauser c96 with the detachable wooden stock its extremely reliable

    2.a mauser 98 with a bayonet 

    3.a Chassepot rifle its a breech loading black powder bolt action and it dosnt have the problem of gas leakage like the dreyse because it has a rubber ring and its more reliable because the fireing pin isnt as long

    4.a pair of mk4 webley revolvers in 455. webley a powerful cartridge comparable to 45.acp but a tad more powerful ammo is rare so i shall have to reload it and find a 455. bullet mold but hornady make 455. brass

    5. a winchester model 1890 pump action 22. LR rifle for vermin control and the occasional zombie if i feel like it and its extremely quiet

    6.a Krag-Jørgensen in 3…

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  • Harkat

    Old guns

    December 31, 2012 by Harkat

    it can be as long as you want it just has to be made brfore 1955

    1.a blued walther p38 

    2. a blued walther ppk

    3.a mp40

    4.a m3A1 grease gun in 45.acp

    5.a mk5 sten because its got a foregrip and bayonet lugg and its not as cheaply made

    6. a mosin nagant 1891/30 PU Sniper  Vasily Zaytsev used one nuff-said

    7. a SMLE No.1 Mk3* (HT) great snipers weapon might not be as accurate as others but its got a rate of fire like no other

    8. a Kar98k with a ZF42, Zeiss Zielsechs 6x scope damn good rifle

    9. a 1952 model ak47 

    10.a makarov pm

    11.a tokarev tt-33

    12.a 1895 nagant with silencer

    13.a 1886 winchester 

    14.a sharps rifle in 45-70

    15.a martini enfield basically a martini henry that fires smokeless powder 303.

    16.a martini henry if it'll knock down a Zulu it'll kn…

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  • Harkat

    tell me everything you would want for the zompoc armour weapons medecine base etc

    i would want

    a sten gun not because it works well infact its a piece of shite but you can repair it with any old springs that are the right size thats the beauty of the sten its simplicity

    a makarov pmm 12 rounds in a EFA-2K holster aka the spetsnaz holster you can either pull the gun out normally or push it straight through the bottom the holster disengages the safety and loads a round into the chamber guaranteed to suprise your enimes

    a MP-443 Grach pistol 17 rounds magazine designed to fire +P ammo and its russian so.......

    a S&W 500 handcannon loaded with winchester 350 grain JHP reduced recoil ammo so i dont blow my hand off and what the hell ill have a red d…

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  • Harkat

    Handouts from the millitary

    October 14, 2012 by Harkat

    well what would you have if you countries millitary was handing out surplus weapons?

    i would have 2 webley revolvers

    a SMLE mk3 with a bayonet and a scope the early model because it had a magazine cut-off

    and the bayonet on the lee doubles as a large knife

    a browning high power its reliable

    a sten gun it works well

    a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife elegant and deadly

    a martini-enfield think of it as a martini-henry that fires smokeless powder 303.

    a bren gun very accurate for a machine gun

    EDIT: a 1928 tommy the brits used them before adopting the sten (thanks kabal i only remembered because of your post

    thats all but remember that your only allowed ex-service weapons from your countries millitary dosnt matter if it was in small numbers im from the u…

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