Even older guns

Harkat February 2, 2013 User blog:Harkat

rules are it has to have been made in or before the 19th century

1.a mauser c96 with the detachable wooden stock its extremely reliable

2.a mauser 98 with a bayonet 

3.a Chassepot rifle its a breech loading black powder bolt action and it dosnt have the problem of gas leakage like the dreyse because it has a rubber ring and its more reliable because the fireing pin isnt as long

4.a pair of mk4 webley revolvers in 455. webley a powerful cartridge comparable to 45.acp but a tad more powerful ammo is rare so i shall have to reload it and find a 455. bullet mold but hornady make 455. brass

5. a winchester model 1890 pump action 22. LR rifle for vermin control and the occasional zombie if i feel like it and its extremely quiet

6.a Krag-Jørgensen in 30-40 Krag 

7.a brown bess Long land pattern might not be the most modern but ammo is easy to come by all you need is a bullet mould something to melt the lead in and some lead blackpowder is easy to find and make plus its fairly fast reloading for a weapon of its type

8.a martini henry with a bayonet its a powerful gun will definately punch holes in zombie skulls

9.a colt SAA slow-ish to reload but very reliable

10.3 winchester model 1895's one in 303. brit one in 7.62x54r and one in 30-06

11.a 1886 winchester in 45-70

12.a 1796 heavy cavalry sabre 

13.a 1796 light cavalry sabre lighter and swifter than the heavy sabre but its cleaving power is lessened as a result

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