Handouts from the millitary

Harkat October 14, 2012 User blog:Harkat

well what would you have if you countries millitary was handing out surplus weapons?

i would have 2 webley revolvers

a SMLE mk3 with a bayonet and a scope the early model because it had a magazine cut-off

and the bayonet on the lee doubles as a large knife

a browning high power its reliable

a sten gun it works well

a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife elegant and deadly

a martini-enfield think of it as a martini-henry that fires smokeless powder 303.

a bren gun very accurate for a machine gun

EDIT: a 1928 tommy the brits used them before adopting the sten (thanks kabal i only remembered because of your post

thats all but remember that your only allowed ex-service weapons from your countries millitary dosnt matter if it was in small numbers im from the uk btw

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