it can be as long as you want it just has to be made brfore 1955

1.a blued walther p38 

2. a blued walther ppk

3.a mp40

4.a m3A1 grease gun in 45.acp

5.a mk5 sten because its got a foregrip and bayonet lugg and its not as cheaply made

6. a mosin nagant 1891/30 PU Sniper  Vasily Zaytsev used one nuff-said

7. a SMLE No.1 Mk3* (HT) great snipers weapon might not be as accurate as others but its got a rate of fire like no other

8. a Kar98k with a ZF42, Zeiss Zielsechs 6x scope damn good rifle

9. a 1952 model ak47 

10.a makarov pm

11.a tokarev tt-33

12.a 1895 nagant with silencer

13.a 1886 winchester 

14.a sharps rifle in 45-70

15.a martini enfield basically a martini henry that fires smokeless powder 303.

16.a martini henry if it'll knock down a Zulu it'll knock down a zombie

17.a mk4 webley it'll fire 38. S&W 

18.a springfield model 1884 trapdoor 

19.a 50. cal Hawken rifle 

20.a Colt saa

21.a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife

22.a winchester model 1897 pump shotty

23.a 1890 winchester in 22.LR

24.a basket hilt rapier for humans not zombies

25.a flanged mace for crushing those zombie skulls

26.a red 9 mauser c96

27.a m2 carbine basically an m1 carbine but with 30 round mags and full auto fire

28. a M30 Lutwaffe drilling rifle this is a strange gun it looks like a normal double barrel bellow and between the 2 normal barrels is a third barrel it is chambered in 12 gauge shotgun shells and 9.3x74mmR

29. a M6 survival rifle an over and under double barrel one is a 12 gauge the others a 22.LR

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