name a train its method of locomotion eg diesel how many cars it will have and what weapons will be on or in it (note if it had mounted guns they will stay the same so choose wisely)

i would have a modified hurban armoured train it has:

11 ZB-53 machine guns chambered in 7.92 mauser

4 37mm guns in tank turret cars

and an 8cm vz17 field gun in a cannon car

i would also have hospital carts 

the portable equipment of the machine gunners would be 

a pps-43 very fast flying round and has very good penetration 

a tokarev tt-33 for compatibility of amunition 

and a crovel in combat its a axe spear hamer and a pick

the equipment of the standard guards would be

a g43 with a 4x mag scope good accuracy rof and range

a OTS-14 groza 1 chabered in 7.62x39 

a tokarev tt-33

a crovel

the equipment of the snipers would be

scoped dragunovs  good acuuracy and range

a groza

a tokarev tt33

a crovel

the epuipment of riot guards would be

a mossberg 500 with a bayonet attached incase ammo runs out

a taurus raging judge 

a crovel

the equipment of the scouts would be

a sks for interchangeability of ammunition plus the bayonet

a silenced groza

a silenced nagant revolver because it sounds like a cap gun when fired

a crovel

my equipment would be 

a SMLE mk3 with magazine cutoff and sniper scope

a pps-43

a fn-57 with 30 round mags

a crovel

multiple copies of said weapons (excluding the fn57 and smle) shall be in the armoury carts and tons of ammo too

there will also be storage carts for non weapon related supplies

and sleeping carts and cooking carts

the standard train takes a crew of 70 to operate but mine shall have more

(PS posts are to be written in a format similar to mine have fun)

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