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March 11, 2011
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  • I.hate.CoD

    For a film class I'm taking, we had to write a review/analysis of a movie and I picked Night of the Living Dead. I just want to see what you guys think of it. 

    I highly doubt George Romero knew what he was unleashing upon the world with his film, Night of the Living Dead. While not the first zombie movie, it certainly is one of the most influential, with his slow, shambling undead setting rules and an image of zombies in the minds of the general population. Gruesome special effects, a dark depressing ending and commentary on social or societal issues of the times have all become staples of the zombie movie genre, without a doubt because of this movie. The special effects and make up in this movie definitely show their age, but the half eate…

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  • I.hate.CoD

    Gun are a much more versitle weapon the blades are. You can engage zombies at long range with the bullets fired from the gun, but you can also use the gun itself to beat the zombie. Also, the one of the biggest dangers of fighting zombies-infection-can is becoming infected, and using guns to shoot the zombies at long range takes this away from them. Also, reloading guns is quicker and easier then sharpening a blade.

    They are loud. Really loud. The sound of the gunshot can (and eventually will) attract zombies. Also, hitting the head of a zombie at long ranges is difficult to do. Ammo of all sizes is heavy too, which gives you more weight to carry. All guns jam after extended use, and must be fixed and repaired when such things happen, and re…

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