• Iceyyouthere

    Laughing at zombies

    September 13, 2010 by Iceyyouthere

    Ok, it is hard to admit that zombies can be a source of humour, seeing how they can look horrific at times and they will come at you no matter what, but there are ways to laugh at them.

    Question is: Why would you want to laugh at the zombies? Well, its a hell of a lot better than pissing your pants. Be scared of them, yes, but laughing at them can help you boost your confidence while fighting them.

    So, how can you have a laugh at the mindless, dangerous undead?

    I've a small list of things you can do:

    • Throw marbles on the ground. Zombies have a poor balance, so this classical slapstick would be entertaining to watch from a distance.
    • Paintguns. Not only would you be practising your aiming, but you would be creating a master piece as well. A horri…
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