So being that I'm writing a book about Zombies (yuck hate that name) I like to get input whenever I can, I think about this kind of stuff all day long, every day. More to the point though I am curious to find out what other people think. Before I ask though I'd like to point out that I think of the Zombie Apoc. as the more traditional for example: they are dead not alive and infected, I don't care how strong a disease is you shoot someone in the heart they die, the body cannot survive without the heart. Also it's not Mira Grant style Apoc, so no sort of strnage unspoken truce between Zombie and mankind. It's a oh-dear-god-help-me, do-what-you-have-to Apoc. and it's already happened and only a small portion of society (10% or less) is left alive. So have at it and try to keep it as real as possible, no Harley Davidsons with twin Mini-Guns attached to the handle bars, save that insanity for Quentin Tarantino. But feel free to add any mods you can think of that would actually work, and try to remember this completely hypothetical so be easy on the criticisms, just remember to stay away from them if it does happen. ;-p

So what kind of vehicle would you choose?

Me? 2002 H1 Hummer alpha Wagon. Why? Self inflating tires, they're beasts offroad, a nice hevay duty diesel engines (fuel milage man), plenty of gear space, built to military specification so it's all steel baby. Also I'd have a nice plow blade on the front to clear those pesky abandoned cars and a tow package so if needs be I could haul an enclosed trail full of people or supplies or whatever I felt necessary. Well I'll shut-up now so you can get to it. Enjoy.
My hummer

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