Just saw The Deadliest Warrior episode that covered Zombies versus Vampires on MTV2. Not bad stuff. They were woefully off about some of the characteristics of both fictional species, but overall, I feel they got the call right - not unlike a referee using make up calls after his own mis-calls, to ensure the right result was found. Still, the whole thing hinged on the fact that these were vampires from 30 Days of Night. If you're a fan of Buffy, Angel, Vampire:The Masquerade, Vampire:The Requiem, Moonlight, Blade, Blade: Trinity, or any of Anne Rice's works, you're pretty much out of luck. Your average vampire cannot take on 60 zombies all by himself.

Also, those vampires cannot all reach levels of strength six times that of the strongest human. Maybe Underworld can, but that's a big maybe. Still, they also didn't show any traits of intelligence when it came to a strategy, or any sort of teamwork with the vampires they chose. For the record, the zombies shown in this episode of the Deadliest Warrior are the "official" zombie of Zombiepedia, and I for one was happy to see Max Brooks represent the zombie side of the argument so effectively. Was this episode ever on Spike TV? If so, I cant believe how out of the loop I am, because I've had that show DVR'd for a while now.

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